With Child's Eyes

I made it!

Plaza del Something or Other.

I'm writing from the cozy Hostel Casa del Parque in San Jose, Costa Rica. It's filled with the sort of characters you'd expect to see in a Central American backpackers hostel: some Brits watching the UK election results, a German hydrologist learning to salsa, a Dutch entrepreneur.

The city overwhelmed me at first. I was walking through a park yesterday when I realized - I don't know how to say tree! (El árbol) I don't even know what to call this day of the week! (miércoles)

Everything is new and I barely know how to buy groceries or cross the street. But that's one of the best parts of traveling. You see the world with a child's eyes. Successfully asking a stranger for directions can be a massive victory.

And the best part of being a child again is that when everything is new, you learn so much so quickly. While my Spanish is utterly atrocious, I know a great deal more than I did two days ago. I wander the streets and pick up phrases from street signs and passers-by. And I can kinda conjugate several verbs. Watch out world.