Photo Journal Month 3: From Colombia to Columbia, via Peru

Afternoons reading novels in hammocks are through. I'm in Chicago now, hunting for a job. So before I begin my responsible professional life, allow me the final self-indulgence of sharing travel pictures.


From Medellín, I took a cheap plane on everyone's favorite Colombian budget airline (¡VivaColombia!) to Bogotá.

On my first day of wandering, I came across the Plaza de Bolívar.


Most of the tourist accomodations are in the colonial, bohemian neighborhood of La Candelaria.


I wasn't in the city long before I made my trip to Dumpa's finca.

Kilometro Once

My pupil.


The view from the backyard.


One of Dumpa's projects.


A view of the city from the mountains.


Villa de Leyva

I befriended Benjamin, an adventurous Belgian chemist, in Bogotá. We decided to explore some of the southern Colombain highlands together, starting in the charming Villa de Leyva.

On our first morning, we took a hike with some other friends from the hostel.


It was probably my favorite hostel in Colombia. Here's what my coding setup looked like outside. Wifi and free coffee. Don't need much more.


We were in town for the annual 8-day festival of the virgin of Mount Carmel. Every night, a different profession was blessed. Here's a scene from the night of the transportadores. Anyone in town with a truck joined the parade and honked their horns continuously for about two hours.


A picture of my friends' faces lit up by the fireworks.


Benjamin and I then spent a few days in San Gil before splitting up; I was off to Peru and he to the Caribbean.

La Cordillera Blanca

I went on a 4-day guided trek with a Belgian agency called Active Peru (I recommend them highly).

Donkeys carried our load, but some groups used llamas.


My typical view: watching at our guide trudge ahead.


Me, feeling chuffed.


One of the places we camped.


The highest point.


The cordillera blanca was the most beautiful place on Earth Ive seen so far.



Me and my trekking companions: Jamie and Steve. In this picture, we are happy to have made it to the end. A van is waiting to take us back to town.